Quick Start

You can access your Digital Identity through your desktop or smartphone.


For registration you need your desktop and your smartphone.


  • if you do not have a crypto wallet on your smartphone, download one and setup your account. Best is to use Metamask for mobile (IOS, Android). A list of the other wallets available are here (more than 50). Currently we are using for testing purpose : Trust https://trustwallet.com/, Rainbow https://rainbow.me/, TokenIm https://token.im/” and Matic https://matic.network/wallet/.
  • go to https://talao.co with your desktop viewer and clic on “Connect with wallet”,
  • open your crypto wallet, look for the walletconnect tool scan and scan the QR Code displayed on your desktop screen.
  • follow the process. A new Identity will be proposed if you do not have one.
  • Enter firstname, lastname, email and phone number for authentification purpose.


Your crypto wallet will be used only for authentification purpose. This process is safe for your wallet and free (no transaction). Your wallet account wont be displayed to public. Your private key remains in your smartphone wallet. Talao has no access to your wallet.

The process to create an Identity will take a couple of minutes depending of the load of the Network. Authentification is made by message signing (no costs).


For login you can use either your smartphone viewer alone or your desktop viewer and smartphone.

  • Go to https://talao.co and scan the QR Code with your smartphone wallet scan tool.
  • Complete your profil as much as possible and request certificates to Companies or Individuals. Read more in Request a Credential


If you are having issues, please let us know. We have a mailing list located at: relay@talao.io